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In the area of macroeconomic researches

  • Development strategy of agriculture in Tuzla Canton for period 2009-2013, 2008.;
  • Development’s strategy of community Mionica, 2008.;
  • Development’s strategy of community Beocin, 2008.;
  • Development’s strategy of Brcko District BiH 2008-2012, 2007-2008;
  • Brcko Distrikt BiH environmental strategy 2008-2013, 2007;
  • Brcko Distrikt BiH development strategy of agriculture, food and rural development for 2008-2013, 2007;
  • Tourism – chance for rural areas development. Specific project of education in agriculture by Ministry of agriculture, forestry and water management. IAE in cooperation with Institute “Tamis” Pancevo, 2007-2008;
  • Development’s strategy of community Mali Zvornik, 2006;
  • Development’s strategy of local community Glogonj, 2006;
  • Development and structural changes in agro economy and rural areas (Ministry of science national project, No 102004), 2002-2006;
  • Market research of fruit products (preparations), 2003;
  • Revitalization and promotion of flowers production in Serbia, 2003;
  • Program of macroeconomic development in Bocar village, 2002;
  • Program of agricultural development in Suvobor area, 2002;
  • Program of macroeconomic and social development in Srpsko Orasje municipality, 2000;
  • Production, processing and export of livestock, livestock products and preparations from Republic of Serbia, 2000;
  • Industry of tractors, agricultural machinery and equipment development program, 2000;
  • Possibilities in production and export of safety food in FRY – experience and grounds for cooperation with FAO, 1999;
  • Draft Law for credit transformation into Federation public debt, 1997;
  • Working version of property transformation Law, 1997;
  • Calculation of wheat production price, 1997;
  • Redefinition of mountain area and agricultural development program in Serbia, 1997;
  • Grounds of village, agriculture and food industry development program in Serbia – Agricultural program of Serbia, 1995;
  • Development of agribusiness and villages in river Lim region, 1992;
  • Agricultural land use and macro-agricultural regionalization, 1990;
  • Investment program for construction of drenage system “Zabarska kaseta”, 1987;
  • Socio-economic long term development program for less developed municipalities in the South of Serbia and in border regions, 1987;
  • Integral development program of Dalmacia agribusiness, 1986;
  • Socio-economic development program of Kopaonik area, 1985;
  • Agricultural land regulation program in Central Serbia – the regulation and protection of land in hilly–mountain areas, 1985;
  • Long-term conception of agribusiness development in hilly – mountain municipalities of Titovo Uzice and Kraljevo region, 1983;
  • Tendencies of agro-industrial complex development in Kosovo, 1982;
  • Yugoslavia – regional project of agriculture, forestry and food industry development in Montenegro, 1982;
  • Development of agro-industry in Yugoslavia 1980-1990. – Third credit line of International Bank for the Reconstruction and Development (IBRD), 1982;
  • Project of agricultural and agro-industrial development in Danube and Drina – Kolubara rivers regions, 1981;
  • Long term conception and development program of less developed areas in the basin of Juzna Morava and Toplica rivers, 1979;

In the area of microeconomic research

  • Ecological and economical aspects of vegetable irrigation by water of different quality, project of Balkan Environmental Association (B.EN.A.) in cooperation with Carlsberg Srbija, 2006-2007;
    Implementing HACCP system of quality, 2005;
  • 50 development programs in agriculture and surrounding activities – The role of Institute in development of village and agriculture, 2000;
  • Capital value estimation (PKB Fishery, 2002; PK “Dusan Kosutic” Bocar, 2002; EFSH “UNIP” Valjevo, 2002; Belgrade baking industry, 2000; Sugar factory Sabac, 2000; Dzervin Knjazevac, 2000; PK “Zikica Jovanovic Spanac” Banatski Brestovac, 2000; Bambi Pozarevac, 1998; Baking industry Pancevo, 1998; Milk company Novi Sad, 1998; Sugar industries: Jedinstvo – Kovacica, Kovin, Sajkaska-Zabalj, Sremska Mitrovica, 1998; Rubin, Krusevac, 1998; Srbijanka, Valjevo; 1998);
  • Agricultural land value estimation, parcel of 179 hectares, capital value estimation and preparation of contract documents for DOPD Jedinstvo, Backo Dobro Polje, 1997;
  • Sanitation program of sugar industry in Cuprija, 1988;
  • Organization of pilot farms program – Methodological framework, 1988;
  • Analyse of organization structure in PIK “Bjelasica” Bijelo Polje and suggestions for its improvement, 1987;
  • Investment programs (development of cattle breeding by provision of 55 heifers, 1989, development of cattle breeding in 100 individual holdings in Bijelo Polje municipality, 1981, production of raspberry, blackberry, currant and strawberry on individual holdings, 1981);
  • Farm models in crops production and livestock breeding, project models, system of taxes, contributions and insurance. Third agricultural credit project in Yugoslavia, International Bank for the Reconstruction and Development, 1978;
  • Business plans.


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