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The Institute of Agricultural Economics (IAE) was founded by the Directive of the FNR Yugoslavia Government in August 1949. In the course of its existence, as one of the oldest and the most successful scientific research institutions of agriculture in the country, it has continuously pursued the economic problems in agriculture, by analysing them and giving proposals for successful development of this important field of the national economy. In the beginning, the Institute was engaged mainly in the tasks set by the former Agricultural Council, but later the cooperation with cooperatives and combines was established and than intense field and scientific research work started.

More than 650 projects have been realized in the Institute during these 70 years of its scientific research work in several basic fields both at macro and micro economic level.

The importance of the regional researches was noticed in the Institute in the course of 1950. As a result of that, number of studies, development plans and programs of regional and local communities level, particularly in the less developed and mountain areas of the country, has been generated.

In the 70’s, the Institute engagement in applied researches has begun, particularly related to the numerous activities of International Bank for the Reconstruction and Development (IBRD). A lot of regional investment projects, pre-investment studies and market analyses for agricultural enterprises have been realized from that period.

The agribusiness enterprises are the users of the Institute service, especially in the areas related to the elaboration of a concrete investment studies and technical documentation, the estimation of the capital value, the introduction of the quality standards, etc.

The Institute takes continual participation in the realization of the Ministry of Science and Environmental Protection long-term projects, as well as in the projects of the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Water Management for adjusting the agricultural sector to the process of the country accession to the World Trade Organization (WTO) and the European Union (EU).

The publishing sector is also developed, and the Institute of Agricultural Economics has devoted significant attention to the scientific staff development; encouraging the advanced training of younger associates and their progress. It has become, to a certain extent, a recruitment centre of qualified staff for other institutes, universities and larger companies in the agribusiness sector.


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