International scientific meeting “Multifunctional agriculture and rural development in Republic of Srpska” was held 13-14th December 2007 in “Bistrica” hotel on Jahorina. The organizers of the meeting are:

  • Faculty of Agriculture, East Sarajevo,
  • Institute for Agricultural Economics, Belgrade and
  • Balkan Environmental Association (B.EN.A.), Greece

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Institute of Agricultural Economics, Belgrade, together with twenty more scientific institutions and economic associations from the country and from abroad, organize International Scientific Meeting „State, possibilities and perspectives of rural development on area of huge open-pits“. The symposium was held in Vrujci Spa, on 24-25th April 2008.


International scientific meeting under the title “MULTIFUNCTIONAL AGRICULTURE AND RURAL DEVELOPMENT (III) – Rural development and (un)limited resources” was held in Belgrade, on 04-05th December 2008, in organization of the Institute of Agricultural Economics from Belgrade and other respectable scientific institutions in the country and from abroad.

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