At the 80th International Agricultural Fair held in Novi Sad (18.05.2013 - 24.05.2013. year), on day 23.05.2013. year, was held the discussion on the theme “Sustainable agriculture as a factor of development peri-urban areas of Republic of Serbia” in organization of Belgrade Chamber of Commerce and Institute of Agricultural Economics, Belgrade.
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In the introductory part of the discussion, the Director of the Institute of Agricultural Economics, prof. Drago Cvijanović has stressed the importance of peri-urban agriculture is not only as a source of goods for green market and stores, but also as an engine of growth the peri-urban and consequently inurban areas, through the (self-) employment. Further, he emphasized the role of the concept of multifunctionality of peri-urban agriculture as the backbone of the development of messuage tourism and awareness of local people about the environment. Professor Cvijanović emphasized the importance of making the system of laws at the state level and to create a climate at the local level for sustainable agriculture development, marketing and sale of agricultural products in peri-urban areas, indicating a positive example of the wider area of Belgrade.
PhD Vladimir Filipović, research assistant from Institute of Medicinal Plants Research "Dr Josif Pančić", pointed out that the peri-urban areas can be very grateful for organic production, and production of medicinal and aromatic plants. Dr. Filipović explained that organic farming can address not only individual farmers but also agricultural cooperatives, associations and companies. Although organic farming requires more labor, the economic effects are potentially higher than the products of standard production, especially due to the increasing state support to this type of production - said Dr. Filipović.
Considering the importance of peri-urban agriculture for local and regional development, the state's  in in 2011th launched the mega project  "Sustainable agriculture and rural development in function of achieving the strategic goals of Republic Serbia within the Danube region", which any matching the twenty municipalities that gravitate towards the Danube. The project is initiated by the Institute of Agricultural Economics, Belgrade with nine partner institutions of higher education and research.
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