Projects in the field of ecology

During 2006 and 2007 certain number of researchers in Institute of Agricultural Economics had participated in realization of two ecology projects, which were financed by Balkan Environment Association (B.EN.A.), in cooperation with Carlsberg l.l.c. Serbia:

  • Ecological and economic aspects of vegetable irrigation with various quality water,
  • Influence of heavy metals concentration in water for irrigation on content of those metals in cultivated plants.

The projects were related to Pancevo Municipality region, which was inserted on the list of „ecological black points“ in Republic of Serbia, owing to endanger of its natural resources.
Researching objects in the projects were water and soil, as non-renewable natural resources on which is based life on the Earth, including the state, nation and total economy of any region.
The projects have encircled three Experimental Fields, on three localities of Pancevo Municipality. One experimental field was located in village Glogonj, second one in village Banatski Brestovac and the third one in secondary agricultural school „Josif Pancic“ in Pancevo. The experimental fields were under greenhouses on which had been cultivated letuce, spinach, onion and radish, in period October 2006 – April 2007. Modern production technology with sprinkling irrigation system was inducted in the greenhouses.

Researching activity, planned during the project realization, followed the influence of various quality water in three different localities and three different types of soil, and on size and quality of cultivated vegetables yield.

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