Goals of proposed subproject

Determination of Serbia for EU integration, demands full appreciation of regional specificity during proces of defining of strategic plans in the field of sustainable agricultural and rural development. That is why there is a need for creation of new, clearly defined frame in the form of sustainable development local strategy of agriculture and village, as a response on key questions of development in this field.
Within the Project, in cooperation with stakeholders at local level, strategies of sustainable agriculture and rural development of shosen local rural communities will be created:

  • Forming of SWOT matrix of agricultural state (picture of internal resources and limitations of development, in the contex of chanses and threats of surrounding),
  • identification of development goals and
  • defining of investment activities which will lead toward realization of goals of sustainable development of agriculture and following activities.


Sustainable development of agriculture and total rural development of local rural communities should be directed toward improvement of material and social status of local population, toward promotion of integral rural development model which is based on establisment of link between rural and city economy and toward polarisation of agrarian structure and diversification of economic activities in the village.
Listed strategic development documents, based on integrity and social concensus, will be necessary base for efficiant defininig and realization of investment programs and projects and attraction of investors in local community. 

  • Name of the leading Institution, grant user  Institute o Agricultural Economics, Belgrade
  • Name of the Partner of the Institution which is the grant user  Institute for Science Application in Agriculture, Belgrade
  • Final users which will benefit from subproject
    Realization of the project will be conducted in two Districts: South-Banat (AP Vojvodina) and Moravica (Central Serbia), and includes the following users:
  • village Glogonj (local rural community), Pančevo City (local autonomy);
  • village Jasenovo (local rural community), Municipality of Bela Crkva (local autonomy);
  • village Zablaće (local rural community), Municipality of Čačak (local autonomy).


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